Philippine Asset and Wealth Manager, ATRAM, to Launch Digital Wealth Management Platform with additiv

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Manila – ATRAM Trust Corporation (ATRAM), the largest independent asset and wealth manager in the Philippines, today announced that it has signed a strategic partnership with additiv, a leading global wealthtech platform provider.  

The strategic partnership will enable ATRAM to modernize and digitize their wealth management solutions to meet the growing need for intelligent and intuitive investment services. ATRAM’s new digital wealth management platform will utilize additiv’s awardwinning orchestration engine, DFS®, which enables financial service providers like ATRAM to launch smart, engaging, and highly personalized wealth and investment services.

Scheduled to be launched in the 2nd half of this year, the fully digitized solution will offer ATRAM’s high net worth (HNW) customers easy and efficient access to innovative advisory services supported by ATRAM relationship managers, facilitating a seamless client-advisor collaboration. Additionally, it offers access to a range of tools including the ability to set up personal wealth goals and to determine bespoke scenarios to ensure optimum investment decisions, all while minimizing investment risk.

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Furthermore, the digital platform allows ATRAM institutional and corporate customers to digitally access and transact on ATRAM’s suite of investment products, all while having an instant 360 view of the investments. ATRAM also plans to make a sandbox available to its partners that will allow development and integration of innovative products. The sandbox will utilise ATRAM’s market leading infrastructure based on additiv’s DFS® platform.

“To maintain our position as the leading independent asset manager, it is essential to be ready for the digital economy. By partnering with additiv, with its highly intuitive and engaging wealth platform, we can truly fulfill the needs of our relationship managers, customers as well as distribution partners, enhancing growth through focused digital financial solutions, and achieving wealth inclusion in the Philippines market,” President & Managing Director at ATRAM Trust Corporation, Deanno Basas said recently. 

Pieter Zylstra as General Manager APAC at additiv added that his platform enables ATRAM to exceed the Philippines’ need for a fully digital wealth management service and to become the market leader in the emerging Wealth-Management-as-a-Service (WmaaS) industry.  

“Delivered in the Microsoft Azure cloud, through a SaaS model, these end-to-end financial services can now be offered in the most cost-efficient way,” Pieter said. 

On the other hand, CEO and Founder of additiv, Michael Stemmle stated that partnering with ATRAM to support their Wealth-Management-as-a-Service (WmaaS) strategy allows the true benefit of additiv’s DFS® platform to be realized at scale.

“Additionally, with our fast-growing Asian operational team, we are ideally suited to deliver according to regional needs,” Michael argued. 

Over the last years, the Philippines wealth management market has seen a growth of more than 10% per year. The country is heading toward a very large middle class, and the mass affluent segment is rising. The next-generation clients are embracing technology, and this is hastened by the pandemic. In short, a holistic and digitized structured approach to wealth planning and investments will help to further boost the market. 

Editor: Steven Widjaja 

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