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Ibm Business Partner Agreement New Application

Ibm Business Partner Agreement New Application

In some countries, BP may be required to provide a business registration certificate (or a local equivalent). The documentation requirement is clearly identified in the online application and, where appropriate, there is a specific field in which BP is invited to attach the document. Start your app by performing these simple steps. A step-by-step guide is available for a detailed overview of the application process. Determine which business model fits your business and look at the different types of IBM Business partners. Once your PartnerWorld application has been accepted, you will receive an authorization email with a link to your business partner`s request for resale. You can also sign up below to start your BPA by choosing your country and company. In most countries, counterparties (BP) are not required to provide supporting documents during the application. Use the contact bar below for any questions during the application process. Conditions may vary by country. Let yourself be rewarded for the value you put into different stages of the sales cycle, from identifying opportunities to closing the deal. Check the templates of the most used contract documents.

Find the right solution to meet your customers` needs, you`ll receive pricing help and place orders on your behalf. See list of countries with the required document (131 KB) Look for an IBM distributor in your country to order your Power, Storage and Software/XaaS products. Note that after sending the counterparty contract, you will receive an email about your approval status or if additional information is needed. Sign up for PartnerWorld with your IBMid. If you do not have an IBMid, you will be prompted as soon as you click on the button below. Learn how to design a complete and integrated solution from our wide range of products. Make the necessary changes to ensure that your profile information is always up-to-date and compliant. Check if the products your company wants to resell require authorization. . .


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