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Hilton Quick Confirmation Agreement

Hilton Quick Confirmation Agreement

Custom Group Site Allows group participants to book their function rooms online quickly and easily, 24/7, via a personalized website for your event. Give them event and hotel details, prices, dates and more in a comfortable location. Group code Group code (also known as SRP code) is a 3-6 digit code assigned to a group event for a given accommodation and serving as a hotel identifier for certain conditions of the group contract, such as room types, prices and policies. This code is required to set up a group booking page or add your group to the guest list manager. It is indicated on your booking confirmation. Customers outside the United States can contact the Internet Reservations Help Desk: 1-800-774-1500. Your call is billed at international direct voting rates. Deadline or booking date Publication date The last day bed and breakfasts can be booked at your contractual group rate. Block or block of space A specified number of rooms reserved for a group.

e-Events A tool that allows you to book up to 25 rooms, meeting rooms, food and drink and audiovisual equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Event dates The start and end dates of your event may differ from your event contract dates to allow customers to arrive early or stay late. Group name Your group name is the name of your event that is requested on the Summary and Payment page. It also appears when you create a custom group page. Frequently Asked Questions Help Here you will find definitions of many of the terms you see in the FAQ and Groups section. Online Guest List Manager tool that allows group participants (depending on their level of access) to book multiple online bookings at the same time; View, print, and manage guest lists and view room count summaries for a group block established at one of Hilton hotels. If you still have questions or if your group has special requirements, click on the link to create a price request. Send your group requests to one or more hotels and the hotels will respond within approximately one business day. Hotel Property Code A unique 7-digit code assigned to each hotel property in the Hilton hotel family. This is provided by the hotel by clicking on “Find hotel property code”. This code is required to create a group booking page or add your group to the guest list manager….

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