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Lafarge Collective Agreement

Lafarge Collective Agreement

The agreement obliges Lafarge to respect the following fundamental principles throughout its activities: “It was a good process and the negotiating teams did a good job of balancing all the facts and working towards an outcome that meets the interests of all,” explains J. D. Alkema, Regional Director of CLAC. Local 52 has represented Lafarge Brechin workers since 1974. The GFA, which is the French leader in Lafarge building materials, is signed with another global trade union confederation, Building and Woodworkers` International (IBB). “); WinPrint.document.close (); WinPrint.focus (); setTimeout (function () { WinPrint.print (); }, 500; return false; }); }); eds2_2 (function ($) { if (typeof edn_fluidvids != `undefined`) edn_fluidvids.init ({selector: [`.edn_fluidVideo iframe`], players: [``, ``}); /*]]>*/. . . .

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