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Facility Management Agreement Format

Facility Management Agreement Format

16.5 Power acceleration. In addition, the company may inform the supplier that, in its appropriate assessment, the company found that the supplier could not complete all or part of the schedule. Within five (5) days of notification or information, the supplier submits a proposed action plan to the company to ensure compliance with the schedule. If, in its reasonable judgment, the company finds that such an action plan does not guarantee compliance with the schedule, the company may order the supplier to take the necessary steps to accelerate its performance. If the supplier believes that the adjustment of service costs is justified by such an acceleration and that such an acceleration constitutes a change, the supplier requests this adjustment in accordance with the change control process. All additional costs incurred by the supplier as a result of such an acceleration constitute a change and are subject to the change control process. Except to the extent provided for by an approved amendment, the entity assumes no responsibility to the supplier for or outside the acceleration. If the supplier does not submit an action plan to accelerate and improve performance to meet the schedule within a reasonable time (i) or (ii) carefully accelerate performance in accordance with this action plan, the entity may take whatever steps it deems appropriate to meet the schedule. The reasonable costs of these measures are borne by the supplier. No action taken by the company under this section 16.5 exempts the supplier from its obligations under this agreement, including, but not limited to compliance with the schedule. 19.3 Rate increase and decrease. Unless the Company has written agreement or otherwise provided for by this Agreement or order, the Supplier may not increase service costs beyond the prices specified in this Contract or the current order for these Services. By mutual agreement between the parties, the provider can reduce the service costs to be paid for services in order to reflect changing market conditions and/or technological improvements.

The company is not required to acquire the supplier`s services with respect to an additional business entity, site or organization, including an acquisition. Subject to Section 2.3 above, the entity has the option, pursuant to an order for new services, to: order the supplier to provide services in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement in order to serve an additional business unit or unit and if, At the time of the acquisition, an additional unit or business unit has an agreement with the facility management service provider, the supplier will not collect a termination fee for the business or for such an entity or business entity in connection with the termination of such a contract and will replace it with such an agreement with the new contract. [*]. This clause contains certain defined terms that are used throughout the agreement. Consider the following assumptions in the planning process: individual construction error; Large-scale disruptions; Loss of computing centres and information systems Loss of critical staff and the possibility of access, in the most likely circumstances, to pre-orchestrated stocks and equipment; In order to ensure responsibility for each item, it is important that the service provider ensure that it has carried out all appropriate asset investigations and inspections and that the asset is able to be managed to the standards set out in the facility management contract. This eliminates the risk that the service provider will try to make the contractor liable for any deficiencies in facility management services.

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