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Agreements For Meetings

Agreements For Meetings

Recently, I have been rethinking community agreements. When is it better to propose principles to the group and when is it better for a group to create its own? For my graphic presentation practice workshops, I could start the room with a poster like the one in the image above – and ask the group if they have any changes or additions. That`s how you set the tone forward in space, it works well, but only in situations with little conflict. For years, I`ve always asked groups to write them down together, but in brief meetings or focus groups, if time is very valuable or the group doesn`t get together for a high-stakes conversation, it may seem trivial to ask the group to participate in these container building activities. Below are some community agreements that can be useful in meetings. Not all of them will be useful to every group, depending on the culture and preferences of the group and individuals. (Some of them were developed/adapted by AORTA, others were crowdsourced over time by our wider galaxy by fellow moderators.) Keep the agreement for future meetings or workshops with the same group, but record each time to make sure everyone is always happy with it.

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