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Affiliate Program Agreement

Affiliate Program Agreement

15.7. If a provision of this agreement is found invalid or unenforceable, that provision is repealed or limited to the minimum necessary, so that the intention of the parties is fulfilled, and the rest of that agreement has all the strengths and effects. 6.2. In the event that the Affiliate is no longer related to the client or the customer announces future accommodation related to the client, the Affiliate who was previously linked to the Customer is no longer authorized to make payments under this Agreement. A converted lead is a lead sent directly by the Affiliate to the distributor, resulting in a specific sale or action. Some leads may not lead to a sale or purchase, in which case the trader might not want to pay for an unreverted lead. This affiliation agreement stipulates that a commission is payable only for a converted lead. 2.2. As a member of`s affiliate program, you have access to the affiliated account manager. Here you can read the details of our program and the affiliate newsletters published previously, download html (which contains links to web pages in the website and search for and receive banner creatives, coupon and offer tracking codes. In order for us to closely track all guest visits from your website, you must use the HTML code we provide for every banner, text link or other affiliate link we provide.

An affiliation agreement is a document by which two parties, the company and the related company, form a relationship by which the Affiliate receives funds for certain qualified shares. Online affiliate agreements can take one of two forms: affiliate agreements in which the Affiliate receives funds for user clicks on the company`s website, or affiliate agreements in which the Affiliate receives funds for user purchases for the company`s goods or services. Today, affiliate agreements are very common, as many people who decide to work online can earn considerable income from affiliate relationships, depending on the scope of their websites or social media. Many users on major social media platforms enter into contracts with companies to promote products or services. If the company receives clicks or purchases of individualized links from the affiliate`s beneficiary, the Affiliate will receive a specified amount or a percentage of the sale or a clicked amount. 2.1.1. Promotion of sexually explicit materials 2.1.2. Encourages violence 2.1.3. Promotes discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age 2.1.4. Encourages illegal activities 2.1.5. Contains all materials that infringe on others, violate copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights or violate Law 2.1.6.

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