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Acquisition Agreement Betekenis

Acquisition Agreement Betekenis

Share purchase contract: liability This article of the SPA deals with the consequences for the seller in case of violation of the guarantees he gives to the buyer. It makes sense to take a closer look. The seller may limit his liability contractually. For the buyer, to take a critical look. And to decide how far the buyer wants to go or not. Share purchase agreement: exemption This article of the share sale agreement includes any indemnification (indemnification) of the seller. For example, for known or potential tax issues, the environment or the consequences of ongoing legal proceedings. Compensations can be significant, so it`s important for the seller to take a close look at this. If you need a voucher (draft contract), call 0031-6-57644156 or email – I`m happy to support you! This good conceptual contract is available for € 899,= ex VAT…

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