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Abellio East Midlands Franchise Agreement

Abellio East Midlands Franchise Agreement

Franchise contract for East Midlands Trains Limited. It was originally scheduled to begin this month. Stagecoach operates the current franchise with Virgin. Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation announced today that it has signed a new train services (TSA) agreement with Abellio and Eversholt Rail for the new East Midlands Railway franchise in the UK. Under the new agreement, which will run from today to December 31, 2022, Bombardier will maintain Bombardier`s 222-range electric diesel trains at the Etches Park derby for use on the East Midlands Railway`s mainline. The new agreement follows Bombardier`s role to date in keeping trains at 125 miles per hour for the former East Midlands Trains franchise. The contract is estimated to be worth about GBP 133 million ($161 million, 145 million euros). Regarding the Southeast franchise, Grayling told MPs: “My department is negotiating with Govia for a short-term extension of the current franchise agreement as we make a decision on competition. Transport Minister Chris Grayling said: “Improving the passenger experience is at the heart of this new franchise. Abellio will provide new state-of-the-art trains, improved ticketing systems and station improvements.

The Department for Transport (DfT) stated that it had excluded Stagecoach from the tender for franchises in the East Midlands, South Eastern and West Coast because they were “non-compliant” because they did not comply with pension rules. Abellio has won the next East Midlands Rail franchise and will take over from Stagecoach in August 2019 until 2027. “The disastrous govia has ridiculed passengers both on the GTR and in the southeast, but this government will allow the company to continue to benefit from the railway. You should have been removed from that contract. Phil Hufton, President, Bombardier Transportation UK, said: “We are delighted to have reached an agreement with Abellio to maintain the 222-series fleet for the main East Midlands Railway lines. This significant gain in orders is a testament to our team at Derby Etches Park and its hard work and professionalism in the continuous provision of one of the most powerful and reliable long distance fleets. In a written statement on the East Midlands franchise, Transport Minister Chris Grayling said: “The franchise is scheduled to begin on August 18, 2019 and run for eight years, until August 21, 2027, with a two-year extension at my discretion.” The South East franchise, which Govia has owned since 2006, was originally to be sold to the next operator from December 2018.

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